Episode Title: The Art Of Teaching With Story, Metaphors, and Examples

The Art Of Teaching With Story, Metaphors, and Examples

You’ve heard me talk about educational content quite a bit and how it shouldn’t be 100% of the content you put out there. But it does play an important role in your messaging when you do need to teach, like in webinars or a percentage of your social media content. For my students, many get frustrated because the audience doesn’t understand the value of what’s being taught, or they get a great response to the quality of the content… but no buyers. Is it the same for you?

In this episode of the podcast, I’m revealing how to teach in your content so your followers and audience will take action. Listen in and discover how to become a better teacher, the art of teaching with story and metaphor, ways to come up with powerful stories, tons of examples for you to hear and consider for your business, and secrets to next level presentations and more buyers. And, of course, I’ll share what’s going on in your audience’s mind so you know exactly where they are and how to help them get to the next stage, whether it’s joining a challenge or buying your course.

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