Episode Title: Building a Messaging Bridge From Problem To Solution in 6 Steps!, Take #2!

Building a Messaging Bridge From Problem To Solution in 6 Steps!, Take #2!

Imagine using only a few sentences to help your audience understand the root cause of their problem and see you and what you provide as the solution. You’d know what to say and when to say it to build the bridge between the problem and your solution, ultimately bringing in more sales. This is the key to great marketing!

And I’m breaking down the 6 steps to building this bridge for your business in this episode of the podcast. Listen in and discover how I’ve developed our marketing and communication over time, ways to identify subconscious behaviors and the root cause of their problem, how our COO used this bridging process to build her business, and a new framework I’m putting to the test. The hardest part about communication in general, and what I see my students struggle with most, is identifying the perspective of the person you’re trying to communicate with. Our ego gets in the way. Our awareness and even mastery get in the way. But it doesn’t have to anymore!

P.S. I need your help! I have a new framework I’ve used successfully in my own business and with students, but I want to test it on a wider spectrum. So, listen to this episode, try the framework out, and share your feedback with me. Did it work? What would you improve? Can’t wait to hear from you!

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