Episode Title: Building a Messaging Bridge To Create Demand - Part 2

Building A Messaging Bridge To Create Demand – Part 2

In the last episode, we talked about bridges. Specifically, messaging bridges that help guide your audience from where they are to where you want them to be. It’s what really brings in sales! In this episode, I’m sharing behind-the-scenes coaching footage of me sitting down with two students and helping them create bridges for social media content and webinar content.

Listen in and hear me create bridges for Erika’s business that helps entrepreneurial women grow their YouTube channels and Reana who helps burnt-out entrepreneurs get their time, energy & health back while 2-3xing their income.

While we discuss exactly what to talk about in your messaging, we cover what NOT to do as well – in fact, you’ll hear what will be the death of your messaging (avoid it at all costs – it’s way more common than you think). I talk a lot about strategies and systems on the podcast, and today I’m excited to bring you a way to see how to bring it all together.

Get to know our two students from this episode:

Erika Vieira is a marketing expert who specializes in growing female focused YouTube channels. Her podcast, the YouTube Power Hour, has featured over 400 of YouTube’s popular female creators. Erika is the creator of the YouTube Bootcamp: a 6 month group coaching program that focuses on the creator first, not the YouTube algorithm. Her innovative method of prioritizing the creator from the inside out has proven to be highly successful, delivering massive growth for her students. Find out more about Erika here – erikavieira.net 

Reana is a Master Certified Neurocoach, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and host of the Rewired to Thrive Podcast. She teaches service-based entrepreneurs how to eliminate burnout from their business while increasing their revenue by using brain based tools to help them put the systems and boundaries in place in order to create the time and financial freedom they started their business for. Find her on Instagram @dr.reanamulcahy

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