Episode Title: Building A Messaging Bridge To Create Demand - Part 3

Building a Messaging Bridge To Create Demand – Part 3

The third and final part of our series on building bridges is here and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Your messaging bridge is a crucial part of sales. Not only does it speak to your audience where they are, so it’s getting their attention, but most importantly, it’s helping sell before you pitch. You’re giving them the exact information needed to gain traction. And I’m breaking it down for two students in this episode!

Listen in and hear me create bridges for Adriane, a business coach who helps service providers and other coaches scale from $100K onward, and Joanna, a writing coach who helps women over 60 write their life stories and pass down their legacy. One common mistake you’ll notice when creating a bridge, especially in webinars, is giving your audience too much information. Avoid overwhelming your audience with all the outcomes you provide, and keep it close to what they need at the moment. You’ll hear this concept in our hot seats!

Get to know our two students from this episode:

Adriane Galea is a performing artist turned Sustainable Scaling Strategist, Business Consultant, speaker, and podcast host with more than 25 years experience scaling businesses both brick + mortar and online. After burning out — hard — from scaling a performing arts studio to multiple locations with hundreds of students and a 20+ person staff, Adriane has made it her mission to help service-based entrepreneurs grow life-first businesses that not only pay them well with abundant revenue and profit, but also allows them abundant time to do what they love with the people they love. Find out more about Adriane on Instagram – @adrianegalea

Have you wanted to write down the life lessons, hard-earned wisdom, and important family stories you’ve accumulated over 50+ years? Journey to Legacy understands the desire to capture those experiences into a meaningful legacy. If previous attempts like writing prompts, memoir instructions or sorting photos still left you stuck, you’re not alone. Joanna’s proven 7-step storytelling framework uses psychological triggers to stimulate memory and craft compelling life stories. Through online courses, coaching, and intuitive writing software, Journey to Legacy helps you uncover and share the one-of-a-kind life story only you can write. Find out more about Joanna and Journey to Legacy on Instagram – @fromjourneytolegacy

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