Episode Title: Building a Messaging Bridge To Create Demand - Part 1

Building a Messaging Bridge To Create Demand – Part 1

I’ve never done this before on the podcast, but I’m sharing a literal training from inside our New Generation Mastery event we recently held. And it’s all about bridges – no, not the physical bridges across the water you travel over. This “bridge” helps guide your audience from where they are to where you want them to be.

Tune into this special episode for part 1 of a new 3-part series breaking down exactly how to create a bridge in your marketing and messaging. Listen in and discover what a bridge is and examples along the way, the process for creating a bridge in your messaging, when to use the bridge in your marketing, and how to use the bridge in a workshop, webinar, or social media. Remember, this is just part 1! In the following two episodes, you can hear me create a bridge for students in hot seats so you can start to see exactly how the process works.

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