An Interview With Brandon’s Wife About The Ups And Downs Of Being With An Entrepreneur

We just wrapped our New Generation Mastery launch, and spoiler alert, it went really well! As sales were rolling in, my wife leaned over to ask how it was going. I shared the good news of a 7-figure launch, followed by… “Remember when we were excited about ONE sale?“

She didn’t miss a beat. “Yes. I also remember buying you In-N-Out burger because you were broke.” Being an entrepreneur has lots of ups and downs, pivots, and evolutions. Just six months ago we had our lowest-performing launch in a long time (more on this in an upcoming episode). But today I want to celebrate and honor the journey. Here’s a throwback episode to our entrepreneurial journey with my wife and me.

So tune in and discover a behind-the-scenes look at marriage as an entrepreneur, the connections, hiring, and delegation for leveling up in business and actually prioritizing what you love, exactly how we scaled from zero to a multi-million dollar business, and how to bring your partner along with you in the entrepreneurship journey.