How To Delegate Your Messaging And Copy with Our Copywriter, Lander Sulser

One of the BIGGEST misconceptions people believe is that messaging is copy. It’s not. Messaging is your communication and it flows into everything you do inside your business. It’s how you communicate on calls and in your content, the topics you cover, the titles you choose, the ads you create, emails… and so much more. And, that being said, copy is one of the most important vehicles that delivers your messaging.

Over the years, copy has been the hardest thing for me to outsource. It’s so near and dear to my heart – I mean, it’s literally my area of expertise. But you’ll reach a point in your business where delegating copy is necessary.

For this episode, I invited our copywriter, Lander Sulser, onto the podcast to talk all about copy, hiring, delegating, and so on. Here’s what you’ll learn inside this episode when to hire and what to look for in a copywriter for your business, how we were able to find and bring in the right copywriter for us, smart ways to delegate copywriting inside of your business and maintaining our messaging philosophy throughout all content. Sit down with us as we talk about copywriting and hiring the right person at the right time for your business.