Episode Title: Break Past That "Waiting" Game You're Playing Because It's Killing Your Business

Break Past That “Waiting” Game You’re Playing Because It’s Killing Your Business

I want to talk about a major roadblock for entrepreneurs that has come up over and over again, and that is waiting. It’s also a roadblock for many of my students that keeps them from seeing results faster. It can look like perfectionism, but the problem is waiting doesn’t lead to results. Perfectionism keeps you from the “best” results.

On today’s episode, I’m breaking down how to move past the “waiting game” so you can get better results much faster, grow a business with more clarity, make profitable decisions based on numbers instead of fear, and step into your power and take action like a boss. I’ll give examples of what “waiting” excuses can look like and how to know what the next right step is (or how to step into the unknown without losing your power).