Episode Title: How To Get DMs Asking To Work With You In 7 Days From Now

How To Get DMs Asking To Work With You In 7 Days From Now

If you want a client in the next 7 days, this episode may be exactly what you need. About a year ago I noticed a lot of the “wins” our students would share with us were coming from the same three types of messaging frameworks. But, I also noticed something a little odd – in almost all the “wins” the audience was reaching out to our client asking “How can I work with you?”, “You’re in my head” or “What do you sell?” and I want you to have that same experience.

That’s why in this episode, I am giving you 3 things you can do right now to start getting your audience to DM you inquiring about how they can work with you. So tune in to learn the specific language to use, the three posts to use, when/Where to post it, and how to title the content.

Plus, I am giving you a completely free PDF guide so you don’t have to take notes. I seriously want you to get a client. All you need to do is just follow what I lay out for you in the episode and the guide. That’s it.

When you get a result, send me a DM at @iambrandonlucero on IG and I will personally respond back with what to do next!

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Access the FREE PDF guide “Get DMs From Your Audience Asking How To Work With You In 7 Days!” here!

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