Episode Title: Building Out A Profitable Team with Rachel Duffy

Building Out A Profitable Team with Rachel Duffy

Building a business also means building a team. And if you’re not careful (and you’re not building a team), you’re building a job not a business. So if you’re wondering how to piece it all together – growing a business and building an effective, happy team then this is the episode for you!

Our COO, Rachel Duffy recently gave a presentation to our students about team building and how we manage the team here inside of Team Lucero. It was so good, we decided to share it with you on the podcast. Listen in and discover how to manage people and make sure they’re doing a great job, ways to make sure you’re a good leader, how to keep your team inspired, and behind the scenes of how we structure meetings and build out systems and processes. She even covers how we hire and the mindset issues that come up along with it!

You don’t need a million-dollar business to start building a team. You can start with something simple like a virtual assistant or a contractor… I certainly hired before I even hit the 6-figure mark! Whatever your next hire is, you’ll have huge takeaways from this presentation and I can’t wait to hear your breakthroughs.

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