Episode Title: Having a Unique Product Doesn’t Mean Sales But This Does

Having a Unique Product Doesn’t Mean Sales But This Does

Having a unique (breakthrough) product does NOT equal sales. And yet, I hear it all the time from marketing gurus, “You have to be unique in order to stand out.” While your uniqueness might help you gain attention, attention doesn’t necessarily mean sales. I’ve had many students come to me with thousands of followers and zero sales and this might be something you’ve experienced as well.

Instead of focusing on your product and being “unique”, try the communication techniques I’m sharing in this episode of the podcast. Listen in and learn why you may have a unique product that isn’t selling well, how to stop the scroll and get sales, what’s necessary to understand about your audience for higher conversions, and the three communication tools I use to create engaging messaging. I don’t just list the tools in this episode, I give detailed stories and examples so you can implement these steps in your own business ASAP. Start your journey of creating your own unique communication with these tools today!

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