Episode Title: Creating Conversion Stories For High Converting Content & Webinars with Colin Boyd

Creating Conversion Stories For High Converting Content & Webinars with Colin Boyd

Want to engage more people with your content and close more sales? Tell conversion stories. This is a story that engages the right people, builds the know-like-trust factor fast, and helps you bring in more sales. There’s a certain art to conversion storytelling and in this episode, I’m sitting down with one of my top returning guests and storytelling professional, Colin Boyd to break it down for us.

Listen in and discover the number one storytelling mistake, why your origin story isn’t a conversion story (unless you tell it like this…), three things you’re looking for in a conversion story and the three types of endings, and creating effective webinars and presentations. Plus, when you nail this type of story, you can integrate each one into your webinars, social media, emails, teachings, and more for better connection and higher conversions. Listen in to hear what they are and how you can bring in more sales with stories!

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