Episode Title: Redefining Failure And Using It To Change Your Life

Redefining Failure And Using It To Change Your Life

You will fail, it’s a given. But, the determining factor of success in business and your true “make or break” isn’t YOU or if you fail. What will make or break your business is how you view failure.

In this episode, I’m breaking down how to turn your failures into your best assets. Listen in to discover what failed launches and losing money really mean in business, the failure reframe to help you take action now (and every time fear creeps in), my biggest failures to date (some aren’t business-related but led to wild growth, and insights on becoming an extremely powerful, happy, and abundant person in spite of fear. If the thought of failing is holding you back from taking action… then don’t miss this episode!

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In this episode you’ll hear:

3:03 – The way you look at failure will literally make or break success in your business and also the progress that you make

6:18 – The way I look at failure

7:42 – What I believe failure means

10:34 – Failure brings awareness into your life if you choose to see it

11:13 – The 3 things that create failure

16:33 – The 4 biggest failures that I have had

30:24 – Because of my perspective on failure, it was very easy to overcome the shame that came with it

32:11 – Failure is your choice, it’s completely up to you how you wanna look at it