Episode Title: Disrupting Your Way To A 6-Figure Business with Dr. Addyson-Zhang

Disrupting Your Way To A 6-Figure Business with Dr. Addyson-Zhang

The right mentorship can change the course of your life. I struggled for about five years when I started my business. The biggest reason? I was stubborn and I thought I knew “enough” on my own. Then the universe shoved Jim Fortin and James Wedmore into my life. I went from living with my in-laws to a multi-million dollar business owner. Oftentimes, disruptions in your life help you create disruptions in your industry, very similar to today’s guest.

In this episode, I’m sitting down with college professor turned 6-figure entrepreneur, Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang. From overworked and underpaid, Dr. Addyson-Zhang stood up for her beliefs even in the face of bullying and heckling, left education, and created a thriving business. Tune in to learn empowering insights from someone who changed careers when it was far from popular or accepted, powerful mindset shifts for entrepreneurs who want to scale, how Dr. Addyson-Zhang landed a feature with Katie Couric, and several interviews with large publications (like Forbes and Pearson), and created a TEDx Talk, and so much more!

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