Episode Title: Grow With The Expansive Niching Process

Grow With The Expansive Niching Process

If you’re growing a business, then you’ve certainly heard of “niching down.” But most of the time, entrepreneurs will niche down to a small group of people. For example, a yoga teacher might niche down to women, and then women in their 40’s. They might even niche further, like women who are moms in their 40s … Done this way, you’re becoming more and more limited. You’re boxing yourself in, especially with your messaging!

Instead, I teach my students the “Expansive Niching Process.” And I’m teaching it to you in this episode of the podcast! Listen in and discover the step-by-step process for properly “niching down”, how to create messaging that resonates with your niche, my response when people ask about my niche, and example niches so you can see how flexible this process allows you to be. If you want to get clear on who you’re speaking to and how to speak to them without feeling restricted or within a niche too small for you… then listen to this quick and incredibly powerful episode!

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