Episode Title: The Top 5 Mistakes That People Make When It Comes To Messaging

The Top 5 Mistakes That People Make When It Comes To Messaging

If you’re following along with us, then you know we’re smack dab in the middle of our once-a-year Master Your Profitable Messaging 3-day training. And during a bonus training I hosted in our pop-up group, I spoke about the top 5 mistakes business owners make in their messaging… and it was absolute gold. So obviously I had to share this with YOU on the podcast!

Inside this training, I cover what’s causing problems in your content, webinars, launches, sales, and almost every piece of communication you could have. Listen and discover the top 5 reasons why messaging doesn’t work, why repeating yourself is GREAT, how to avoid each mistake, and the hardest part of creating powerful messaging (and a way to make it easier).

Remember, this was a live training in a Facebook group for the 3-day event, so you’ll hear me welcome the audience and speak to entrepreneurs who showed up live with questions. I love holding this event each year and can’t wait to share all this messaging goodness with you!

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