Episode Title: Part 3: Launches - The Most Powerful Communication Elements

Part 3: Launches – The Most Powerful Communication Elements

In the past 12 months, we’ve had more students coming in because their launches are declining in sales or have plateaued (where they once were super successful). It’s across-the-board funnel-wise! Evergreen funnels, high-ticket, low-ticket, etc. The reason? I’m breaking it all down in this episode – and how you can avoid declining sales and launch with success. The solution may even surprise you.

Tune into Part 3 of this series and discover what’s going on in the market, and how it affects your next launch, 5 common mistakes you’ll see in the webinar/workshop that lead to fewer sales, funnel hacks you might not expect, and messaging elements inside of launches (for all types of funnels). Don’t miss this messaging opportunity to avoid common mistakes, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and secure the sale before you pitch.

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