Episode Title: Streamlining Your Book Keeping, Write-Offs, and More with Serena Shoup

Streamlining Your Book Keeping, Write-Offs, and More with Serena Shoup

When most people start a business, their focus is on revenue, sales, and bringing in money. Which is great (and necessary for running a business), but they also tend to overlook bookkeeping and taxes. This almost cost me tens of thousands of dollars, and it could cost you BIG money in savings, taxes, and more if you’re not careful.

So on this episode of the podcast, I brought in a CPA and bookkeeping expert to talk about write-offs and healthy money management practices. Join me and Serena Shoup, the founder of Of Course Bookkeeping, who works with online businesses to discover how to use your numbers to make decisions looking forward, creative ways to include your kids in the business, when to outsource your bookkeeping and how to get started, and write-offs you probably didn’t know about and how to lower your taxable income. Save yourself the financial headaches down the road, and listen to this episode! I wish I had known this info when I first got started in business!

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