Episode Title: 8 Lessons On Raising Kids While Building A Multi-Million Dollar Business

8 Lessons On Raising Kids While Building A Multi-Million Dollar Business

My business took off when I was broke and living with my in-laws, and it happened to be when we had our first child. Having children is wild. Growing a business is wild. Doing both at the same time? It’s a type of beautiful chaos I’m here for every day, all day. As you know, one of my main goals is to teach kids about entrepreneurship, and what better way than to live it out with them?

Fast forward to today, and now I have a multimillion-dollar business and three kids with my wife. I’ve learned lots of lessons along the way about balancing parenthood with work (I’ve definitely made mistakes as we’ve grown), and I want to share these lessons today on the podcast. Listen in and discover how we intend to grow the business to 5 million in the next 12 months, what to do when you mess up (and you will), examples and ideas for nurturing a healthy relationship with your children, and creative ways to integrate family and business life. I believe my job is to instill values and allow my children to become who they truly want to be– whether it’s to become entrepreneurs or not, the traits and values are still incredibly powerful. And in future episodes, I’ll be interviewing other parents and business owners to talk about their journey!

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