Episode Title: Using Educational Persuasion To Make Your Tutorials Profitable

Using Educational Persuasion To Make Your Tutorials Profitable

We’re able to do seven-figure webinars, seven-figure launches, and we’ve navigated and scaled into a multi-seven-figure business. How? It is all because of the way we communicate.

On this episode of the podcast, I’m sharing some of our most successful persuasive techniques that are working now (and have worked multiple times in the past). Listen in and learn why 100% how-to content will kill your sales, why messaging is more important than any strategy out there, what’s truly behind many entrepreneurs’ plateaued sales, and simple persuasive techniques to draw in your audience from day one.

Over the past several years, I’ve used webinars, three-day workshops, video series, and emails. So many strategies. They’ve all worked. But if your messaging is broken, then none of it works. Start with the most important factor and discover the persuasion techniques that guarantee sales success.

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