Episode Title: 5 Truths About The Course Based Business

5 Truths About The Course-Based Business

While there are many positives to owning a course-based business, it’s far from easy. When I first got started in this space, I thought it would be easy. I imagined a funnel you turned on once and barely had to revisit where sales came with ease and customers were anonymous. Spoiler alert: It’s nothing like that, and it’s not easy.

With that being said, on this episode, I’m sharing the need-to-know truths about a course-based business that I’ve discovered after 8 years in the industry and building a multi-million dollar business. If you’re a digital course creator or are interested in building a course-based business, then listen in and discover 5 truths (both good and bad) about building a course-based business, the biggest problem in the space affecting entrepreneurs right now, why being the best at what you do doesn’t mean you’ll make more sales, and what REALLY sells.

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