Episode TItle: How To Create A Story And Offer That Converts with Colin Boyd

How To Create A Story And Offer That Converts with Colin Boyd

There are a few elements of building your online business that I don’t typically talk about. Some of these elements include how to use a story in your messaging and how to create an offer. My guest specializes in telling stories that are designed for conversions and crafting offers that sell with ease. He’s helped superstar entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield, Jill Stanton, and Carrie Green, and he’s sharing storytelling secrets with me (and you!) in this episode.

Tune in and join me and Colin Boyd as we talk about how to tell stories that actually sell, the #1 problem when it comes to telling “your” story, secrets to aligning your story with your offer, strategies for describing your offer that make it irresistible, and so much more! Plus, Colin shares about one simple shift in the philosophy of what an offer is that leads to a big transformation in sales for his clients and students.

Discover your “Conversion Story” and how you can use it on your webinars, podcasts, and emails to connect with your audience and convert them into your programs – https://brandonlucero.com/cs 

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