Episode Title: Awareness: The Hidden Secret To Messaging and Life

Awareness: The Hidden Secret To Messaging and Life

When it comes to marketing and how to sell more, how to create more engaging content, and how to write better copy one vital piece people often miss (and I’m seeing it now more than ever) is AWARENESS. It’s one of the most powerful tools when it comes to effective messaging, and in this episode, I’m going to cover ways you can tap into your audience’s awareness to communicate well and grow your business!

Listen in and discover how to unlock more opportunities for growth in your personal life and business, the secret to persuasion (instead of convincing or explaining), the difference between a mistake and a problem, and four ways to identify your audience’s level of awareness. I’ll also cover, in detail, how to ask your audience about what they’re going through and how to break through generalizations. Learn how to go beyond “generalized” messaging so you can meet your audience where they are and confidently bring in more sales.

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