PSA: Content Has Changed and Won’t Be The Same For Course Creators

It’s true! The online space is shifting, and it’s shifting fast AND this includes your content and messaging.

With as many online entrepreneurs as there are right now, it is crucial that your business and message stands out.

In this episode, I talk about the importance of not only shifting your message, but also shifting the mindset that you operate from. There is a huge opportunity to create content that lends to your audience’s perception of you and your business, and while content is important, it’s really just a vehicle for your message.

Your content is unheard because you’re focusing ALL (or at least 70%) on “how to”, tutorial based, content.

Think about it….

When you look around, almost all online entrepreneurs focus on step by step, how to and educational content. (The keyword there is “ALL”.)
When you’re doing the same thing as almost “ALL” the experts in your space, you blend in.

It’s not that you’re information isn’t good. It’s not that you aren’t qualified enough. It’s that almost all the tutorials and steps are relatively the same because you’re not the only expert in your space. You blend in.

Look at the top leaders like Gary V, they grew really fast without using “step by step” tutorials. Even Simon Sinek, who does teach a lot in his content, NEVER uses traditional “how to” and “step by step” content. The reality is the online space is crowded and there’s free information on how to do something everywhere. But, shifting perspective, standing for something, and communicating in a way that gets people to see things differently is the secret.

In fact, I am doing it right now in this ad. You’re still reading right?
Maybe you had a realization about “how to” content that you didn’t have before reading this ad?

Why use the methods everyone else is and risk blending in indefinitely?
Why try and trust an algorithm, keywords, or hashtags?
Here’s the secret ingredients you will need to shift your content so it becomes the most engaging and demand creating content you’ve ever created.


“Identity, Beliefs, Knowing What You Stand For, Connection, and Outdated Industry Norms”

Note – I only used ONE of those in this post, which was “outdated industry norm” and tackled the industry norm “how to content is how to build an audience fast and add value”.

Imagine what would happen if you learned them all….

Give this podcast episode a listen to hear the rest.

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